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Fancy a Whiter Smile?

Afternoon everyone, hope you’re all well. Just a quick one today as I’m snowed under with work and I’m probably gona be waist deep in paper for the next 2 weeks! This is something that me and my wife have been considering for a while: teeth whitening. Now don’t get me wrong we both brush our teeth twice a day and generally have good oral health. But this service doesn’t cost an arm and a leg so we though why not.

Finding a decent provider did prove tricky though, there are lots of `companies` who perform this service for as little as £30! It doesn’t take a genius to work out that there probably not the best. We did however manage to find a decent company who appeared both experienced and price competitive. And let me tell you this, the results have been fantastic! You guys really should have a long hard look into this because the benefits are amazing!! Anyways here is the link for a quality teeth whitening service in Birmingham. The company is called SRM Lighter Shades, seriously look them up!